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Promo Alerts

FREE round beach towels with Hills purchases this month! Spend $70 or more on the Hills Feline range or $100 or more on the Hills Canine range and get this very stylish round beach towel. Just in time for Summer! 

Available now and while stocks last. 

Hills Beach Towel CanineHills Beach Towel Feline

🐾 NEW BRAVECTO SPOT-ON* for DOGS – can you believe it provides 6 MONTHS FLEA + 4 MONTHS TICK protection in just ONE dose.  It’s true – and it’s available in-clinic NOW! Ask us today. 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 

All purchases of Bravecto during November and December get you in the draw to win a Christmas Hamper - just in time for the festive season. We will also add ONE FREE Bravecto treatment for your pet! 


It's time to get festive! Nothing beats a fresh ham sandwich for lunch or ham steaks on the BBQ for dinner over summer. Qualifying purchases of drench this month will get you one of these beauties. Get in quick as hams only available while stocks last.  

biah ham campaign 2017 dle2

VETPlus have formulated 2 Mineral Mixes specifically for the Central Plateau area to suit your unique soil type, these mixes contain at least double the selenium and cobalt levels of other leading brands. Everyone is looking at ways to reduce costs on farm this season and this is the best value trace element mix by far for this area. Because this is a VETPlus formulated Mix we can customise special blends to suit your farm individual needs.

For more information on prices and formulations call 0800 VETPlus and ask for your veterinarian 

At VETPlus, it is our goal to provide you and your working dogs with the best possible service and range of health products to enhance their well being.  Dogs require large amounts of animal protein to work to their full potential.  Traditional cereal based biscuits meant that on biscuit day we were effectively feeding our working dogs like vegetarians and wondering why they couldn’t hold up to a full days work.

Eukanuba Premium Performance contains high levels of animal proteins and fats to ensure your dog has all the energy and stamina it requires to do a full days work.  Eukanuba can either be fed as a sole diet, or in conjunction with farm kill.  Either way dogs on Eukanuba will receive meat every day, even on biscuit day.

Eukanuba now offer a loyalty programme for customers who purchase Eukanuba Premium Performance, for every 10 bags purchased you'll get one bag FREE! 

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