Phil Butler - Farm Owner - Reporoa

I've been with VETPlus, for the last 14 years. During this time VETPlus has had a real focus on improving my farm performance through the introduction of programs designed to help keep my herd in optimal health & condition. More recently, I’ve been using the feed optimisation program that they provide through Intelact consulting and as a result have seen the farm’s production increase by close to 50,000 MS. The impact of this on my “bottom-line” has, not surprisingly, been outstanding. Given that VETPlus provides considerably more business focused services than the standard veterinary practice, and given the very significant business impacts that dealing with this group has had on by farming business, I'd sincerely recommend them to other "business" minded farmers.

Neil Heather - Farm Owner - Rotorua

We, the Heather Partnership of 'Awarua Farm' in Paradise Valley, have been with 'VETPlus' since they first opened their clinic on Old Taupo Road.
Naturally there have been (staff) changes over the years on either side, but we have always received truly professional service with the added proven ability to listen. The vets and staff really understand the needs of all operational issues on our sheep- and beef-farm, and cooperation comes easy.
On a more personal level I have to admit, that I am a bit of a 'know-it-all', but the staff of 'VETPlus' don't seem to mind, as they still do humour me with my diagnosing of most of the animals problems and suggestions of treatment. Overall I / we could not wish for a more positive working relationship, besides the obvious complaints about service-charges for my diagnosis.
I am certainly looking forward to continuing to work with all at 'VETPlus' for a long time to come.

Denzel, Kaz, Mike and Shanyse Whyte

We have happily used VETPlus over the last few years for all our animals. From bulls through to guinea pigs, the VETPlus team has met all of our animals, learning their names and personalities.
The team at VETPlus have a prompt and friendly service offering helpful advice and a willingly ear to listen to our needs and concerns.
The staff all understand that many of our animals are a part of our family and treatment them with the respect we think they deserve. We would be happy to recommend VETPlus to any lifestyle block owners who are looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable service.

Joan Scott & Bevan Johnston - Pareheru Stables - Rotorua

VETPlus, Rotorua, have been the source of Veterinary advice and service for a number of years to our Stable. Being in the Thoroughbred Industry has required a high level of input and VETPlus have met this criteria to the utmost. Our Veterinarian, Karl Weaver has brought with VETPlus a wealth of experience and with his guidance, we have managed our horses to the maximum. Karl's expertise has also allowed us to foal our mares in their own environment, knowing VETPlus is "on hand", should we need them during the night when most mares foal. This expertise and experience has also allowed us to proceed with surgical procedures at home, e.g. periosteal strip's, branding, DNA ID's and micro chipping. Whereas without this support our horses would need to be transported to other Clinics outside their comfort zone. We highly recommend VETPlus as leading in the field of expert Equine care.

The photo is of Joan Scott and foal Colombia out of Bay d'Ore.

midpanel companionanimals katie2

Katie and Anneke Williams / Slager - Dog Lovers - Rotorua

We are DOG LOVERS. There is no two ways about that. There has been Mozart, Gigi, Fleur, Ben, Teddy, Bella and currently Molly and Bluebell. All rescued from one plight or another. All so special and well loved, giving more than they ever got. We moved from the Wairarapa a number of years ago. Finding a suitable Vet was as important as finding a good GP for ourselves. We got the lot.

Our pets have had the special treatment from acquisition to demise by some of the nicest people we know. We have had dramas, happy moments, sad times with our dear dogs and each time the treatment from our friends at the VETPlus Clinic has been so kindly carried out with concern and empathy beyond the call of duty. This care is from the Office Staff, through to the Nurses and the Vets, themselves. We appreciated it all and are so pleased to report that we are being cared for still by this great team.

We applaud the fact that the Rotorua clinic has moved to the new rooms at the local SPCA to better help them survive in this day’s poor financial climate. Well Done Team and many thanks from very grateful customers.

Winner Best Professional Services Business Winner Overall Business of the Year
2013 -2014


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